Have fun with our interactive map of the Alhambra

Interactive map of the Alhambra

To find out more about the Alhambra click on parts of the map.

Start here

Here is where the mission starts.

Where will you go first? The gardens of the Generalife or the Palaces of the Nazrid Kings?

Click on the paths to see where they will take you.


The Generalife

Beautiful gardens and summer time home of the Sultans and Sultanas

The Alcazaba


The Red Fort.

Your mission: to climb to the top of Torre de la Vela and find the flags.

There are four flags for Europe, Spain, Andalucía and Granada. Do you know which one is which?

To colour in the flags and create one of your own, click here for a free downloadable activity page.

The Nazrid Palaces

How many lions can you count in the Court of Lions?

Palaces of the Nazrid Kings.

How many lions can you count in the Court of Lions?

The Palace of Charles V

Pillars in the Palacio Carlos V

Grand renaissance palace built by Emperor Charles 5th.

Can you count how many pillars there are in the palace?

Meet Lily


Name:          Lily
Agent name:  Hot pomegranate
Age:             4 1/2 years old
Special skills:

  • Squirrel spotting
  • Snack eating
  • Drawing and colouring
  • Counting things
  • collecting things



Meet Miles

Lily and Miles

Name: Miles
Agent name: Red Squirrel
Age: 8 years old
Special skills:

  • Map reading
  • Intrepid exploring
  • Navigating
  • Spotting things
  • Eating ice cream


The path to the Generalife and out again

To get to the Summer Palace you pass through the gardens. Can you spot any fishes or frogs in the fountains?


The Water Stairway

Can you count how many stairs there are on the Water Stairway?

Puerta de la Justicia

Gate of Justice

Justice Gate.

Did you know that you can enter the Alhambra here? Can you spot what's pictured at the top of the arch?

The cannons

How many cannons at the Alhambra

Can you find the cannons outside the Palace of Charles V. How many are there?

The Alhambra Palaces

Where will you visit next?